High School Equivalency Program

We’ve launched a new and improved high school equivalency program designed to help learners achieve their high school equivalency credentials faster and easier than ever before!

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What is the High School Equivalency Program?

  • Effortless Entry: The learner’s journey begins with Essential Ed, a self-paced, multi-device program available in English and Spanish that fully prepares them for the HiSET exams.
  • Flexible & Accessible: The HiSET exams can be taken in English or Spanish at any time from anywhere.
  • Easy Enrollment: Learners can start their journey by filling out this intake form!
  • Fast Track to Success: Depending on the learner’s time-commitment and background, they can be exam-ready in as little as 4 weeks!
  • Financial Support: The Adecco Group US Foundation will generously provide complete Essential Ed study programs and cover HiSET testing fees for any learner in need.

Making an impact

Did you know that on average, workers with a high school diploma or equivalent earn more than $8,000 annually than those without?

I can never complain about losing academic records in the earthquake rubble, after so many lost their lives. Nor can I complain that a stone flew up on the otherwise smooth freeway and broke our windshield. Finally, I could never complain that Penn Foster is demanding, as that is the hallmark of a real school, with no short cuts. My way to Penn Foster has been paid for me – and I am thankful.”

I feel as if getting my high school diploma put me back on track to following my dreams of becoming a nurse. Helping people gives me a sense of purpose & brings me happiness.